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As both a 30 year veteran of the Nashville music industry in music production and engineering and a classically trained musician since age 7, The Listening Program® is a perfect combination of Ron’s professional music experience and his passion for holistic health. Using music as a powerful catalyst for change, Ron believes in the infinite potential of the individual and helps them to “train their brain” through this extraordinary music-based therapy for optimal brain health.

According to Advanced Brain Technologies, The Listening Program® is the world’s most innovative neuroscience-based music listening program for optimal brain health and functioning. One of the powerful options of the program is to engage a multi-sensory technology utilizing the Waves™ Bone Conduction Audio System, suitable for all ages.


Benefits of bone conduction:

• Supports stress reduction and regulation of the “fight or flight” response, to help achieve a state of calm and relaxed/alertness; especially helpful for people with sensory sensitivities.

• Two modes of listening help improve sensory awareness, supporting brain functions responsible for posture, balance, muscle movement, and motor skills.

• Using The Listening Program® with combined bone and air conduction offers internal and external sound stimulation, which increases vocal awareness and supports the development and refinement of language and communication skills.

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Ron is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional, and a Provider for The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies.

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