Holistic Health

Are you or someone you love ready to:

• Feel better
• Sleep better
• Treat pain naturally
• Increase Energy
• Avoid pharmaceuticals
• Address chronic issues like:
anxiety, fatigue, pain, digestive issues, skin issues, menopausal symptoms, lack of focus, yeast overgrowth
• Support digestive health
• Achieve personal health goals around: weight loss, lowering stress, increasing vitality and vigor

Ron Jagger Services
Ron Jagger


Holistic modalities including:
• Biofeedback for Relaxation and Healing
• Iridology
• pH balancing
• Energy Balancing
• Muscle Response Testing
• Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Ayurvedic Medicine
• Homeopathy
• Herbals and Flower Essences
• Far Infrared and Photon Therapies

• Equine Biofeedback (at your location)

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About Ron

Ron is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional, and a Provider for The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies.

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